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Locksmiths are trained to handle many different situations involving locks and keys. From lockouts to misplaced keys, locksmiths can come to your aid for any of your security needs. This level of security is paramount in Houston, Texas, one of the biggest cities in the country. One vital service you should seek is Houston key duplication services.

What Are Houston Key Duplication Services?

Understandably, you’re probably wondering what Houston key duplication services entail. Key duplication specifically refers to the process of creating a new copy of an already existing key. Locksmiths will complete this process by using a key duplication machine. These machines are known as key-cutting machines. 

You need the original key and a blank to successfully duplicate a key. The machine will use the information from the original to cut the same pattern onto the blank. While one might assume that you could just as easily make a copy of a copy, professionals advise against doing that. Instead, have a locksmith get an impression of the lock so they can use it to create a new key.

Why You Need Houston Key Duplication Services

Now that you know what you can expect from Houston key duplication services, you’re probably curious as to when you might need them. Keep reading to learn why you might find yourself in need of our key duplication services:

1. Backup Copy In Case Of An Emergency

The first and probably one of the most important reasons to seek Houston key duplication services is to obtain an emergency backup copy of your key. Taking the initiative to get this task done will hopefully save you time and money on asking a locksmith to let you back into your property. You can hide this copy in an accessible yet discreet location or trust someone you know well to hold onto it for you.

2. Lost The Original Or Copy Of A Key

If you aren’t able to access an emergency backup copy or don’t have one, you can also seek out key duplication services if you’ve lost your key at the moment. You can use this service if you’ve lost your home, workplace, or vehicle key.

3. Need To Provide Access To Someone

Do your family members need to be able to access your shared property at any time? Are you expecting a guest to stay with you for an extended period of time? These are just two possible reasons why you might consider Houston key duplication services. Instead of having to make your guest or family member wait for you to come home to let them inside, they can reclaim their time easily, thanks to our key duplication services.

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What Keys Will Locksmiths Duplicate?

Now that you know what situations might call for key duplication services, it’s important to know what kind of keys locksmiths will duplicate. As you might have inferred from this blog, residential, commercial, and car keys can be duplicated. Other keys that can receive this service include keys used for safes and padlocks.

Reach Out To Lone Star Locksmith Today For The Best Key Duplication Services In Houston!

Houston key duplication services are helpful if you need a backup key, lose an original or a copy, or need to provide a copy to a guest, employee, or fellow resident. You also know that safe and padlock keys can also receive this invaluable service. All that’s left to do is figure out which locksmith service in Houston will provide the best duplication services. Luckily, you can skip the extensive search process and reach out to our Lone Star Locksmith team. Contact us today, and our locksmiths will provide the most extensive key duplication services in the nick of time.